arasmi publications
  • The COPD Assessment Test (CAT) assists triage and prediction of COPD exacerbations in high-risk patients Lee S, Huang M, Kang J, Lin C, Park MJ, OhY, Kwon N, and Sajkov D. . Respir Med 2013 Respiratory Medicine (2014) 108, 600 - 608.
  • Pulmonary Hypertension in chronic lung diseases and/or hypoxia
    Dimitar Sajkov, Bliegh Mupunga, Jeffrey Bowden and Nikolai Petrovsky (2013). , Pulmonary Hypertension, Jean Elwing and Ralph Panos (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-51-1165-8, InTech pp: 21-45. Available from:
  • Dyspnea in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, Pulmonary Hypertension - From Bench Research to Clinical Challenges, Roxana Sulica and Ioana Preston (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-307-835-9, InTech, pp: 191 - 208. Dimitar Sajkov, Karen Latimer and Nikolai Petrovsky (2011). Available from:
  • Pediatric influenza immunization, Expert Reviews in Vaccines 2011 May; 10(5):567-570
    Petrovsky N and Sajkov D
  • Randomized controlled study to assess the immunogenicity and tolerability of a 2012 trivalent seasonal inactivated influenza vaccine administered via a disposable syringe jet injector device versus a traditional pre-filled syringe and needle
    Nikolai Petrovsky, Yoshikazu Honda-Okubo, Michael Royals, Kylie Bragg, Dimitar Sajkov:
  • Cancer Vaccines: History, Recent Breakthroughs and Commercial Perspectives, 2012
    Jeffrey J Bowden, Dimitar Sajkov, Rohit Philip, Nikolai Petrovsky
  • Randomized Clinical Trial Of Immunogenicity And Safety Of A Recombinant H1N1/2009 Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Containing Advax™ Polysaccharide Adjuvant David L. Gordon, Dimitar Sajkov, Richard J. Woodman, Yoshikazu Honda-Okubo, Manon M.J. Cox, Susanne Heinzel, Nikolai Petrovsky

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